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Welcome to Claws Away, our fun website dedicated to helping our favourite cats get the best.

I grew up with a beautiful long-haired tabby cat called Tilly, who needed quite a lot of brushing and care to stop the impressive fur ball buildup that could easily happen if we forgot for 5 minutes, and it got me very used to brushes, scissors and various other implements that our cat needed to keep looking fabulous.

Now we live in a world where everything is available, I wanted to have some fun, in memory of a fair tabby cat.


Everything for your cat (and their human).

From grooming gloves to the world’s most awesome collection of cat party suits, we have a huge selection of products available in our shop.  Take a look around, try not to laugh at how grumpy the cats look in their kilt costumes, and check out everything your furry friend could want.  

Looking Up

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