Sleeping Tabby Cat

Choosing Our Products

You may be wondering where we get our products from, and how we go about developing and choosing our awesome cat toys and products. Our first question is safety. We’re sure the products will be safe for the cat, but we also know that cats tend to live in houses, which have other humans in there, or as the cat would say, servants, some of whom are fairly little.

At our place we have a small child and a bump, and we have to be sure that neither of them would have a problem if there’s a toy at their height. We can’t do much about whether the cat likes them or not, but that’s a different story. Next after safety is whether it’s either useful or funny, or both. Cowboy Cat is one of our best products, even though I’m not sure we could call it hugely useful.

Our variety of litter trays and scratching posts are definitely useful in keeping the poop and the claws where they’re supposed to be. Mainly, our choices are if we love them and want to have them in our home. Not every product is going to suit every cat, but we’re sure there’s something great for you, and we’re always updating our products after hearing your feedback. Do contact us anytime if you have any questions.

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